Amazon News and the Historic Evolution of North Brooklyn’s Polish Community

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With this week’s news that Amazon’s newest corporate facility- or at least part of it- is likely coming to Long Island City, nervous residents around the Greenpoint area are bracing for what the effects could be for the housing market and community at large. One group in particular that may be nervous is the Polish community, an ethnic group who have called Greenpoint home for over a century but in recent years have been moving out of North Brooklyn.

In Chilly Underground’s first foray into local culture and history, Geoffrey Cobb joins us in studio to shed light on the roots of the North Brooklyn Polish community and the evolution of the community. Geoffrey is a local historian and high school history teacher-his dedication to local Brooklyn history is nearly unrivaled. You can pick up his latest book, The Rise and Fall of the Sugar King-at Word Book Store located right here in Greenpoint.

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